Help‐seeking for sexual concerns in Irish prostate cancer survivors: data from the Men and Sexual Health‐Prostate Cancer (MaSH‐PC) study

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Cremin, M
Lonergan, PE
Laurie, K
Chambers, SK
Manecksha, RP
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Roscommon, Ireland


Introduction: Although sexual dysfunction is common after prostate cancer (PCa), men's decisions to seek help for sexual concerns are not well understood. This study aimed to describe the actual sexual help‐seeking and sources of help accessed in Irish PCa survivors.

Methods: 51 Irish men with a diagnosis of PCa were recruited as part of the international Men and Sexual Health‐Prostate Cancer (MaSH‐PC) study and completed validated, self‐reported on‐line questionnaires at baseline and again at 6 months to assess sexual help‐seeking, sources of help accessed as well as a measure of supportive care needs specific to men with PCa.

Results: 51 men were included with an average of 1.1 years (range 0.174–4.75 years) since diagnosis. Overall, 28.3% of men currently seek help from a doctor and 8.7% from a nurse with most men (58.7%) intending to seek help from a doctor in the next 6 months and only 15.9% from a nurse. Within the last 6 months men were more likely to have talked to another man with PCa (23.5%) than attend a support group (7.8%). Greater proportions of men access the internet for information (21.6%) rather than for sexual support (13.7%). Lastly, 76.5% of men had some support care needs and 52.9% had moderate to high needs.

Conclusion: Supportive care needs for Irish men diagnosed with PCa are currently being unmet. Few men accessed the range of health professional and community support options available and a new approach to supportive care for Irish men with PCa is needed.

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Cremin, M; Lonergan, PE; Laurie, K; Chambers, SK; Manecksha, RP, Help-seeking for sexual concerns in Irish prostate cancer survivors: data from the Men and Sexual Health-Prostate Cancer (MaSH-PC) study, Bju International, 2018, 122, pp. 39-39