Datasets relating to Studies 1 and 2 reported in the paper, The Development and Psychometric Properties of a Scalable Digital Measure of Social and Emotional Wellbeing for Middle Childhood

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Freiberg, Kate
Homel, Ross
Branch, Sara
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


The need for a new measure of social-emotional wellbeing for children 6-12 years emerged in our collaboration with schools and community agencies in a disadvantaged region of Brisbane, Australia. Our search for an age-appropriate medium led us to develop Clowning Around, a computer game generating data which was assessed for validity and reliability in Study 1 (n=3,461), revealing four wellbeing factors with satisfactory properties. The imperative to support autonomous use at scale led to development of the Rumble’s Quest user management system and game app, incorporating a slightly modified version of the measure. Reassessment of the factor structure (Study 2: n=4,333) supported Study 1 results but extended subfactors to five: Educational Wellbeing, Social Wellbeing, Emotional Wellbeing, Protective Contexts, Behavior Regulation. The measure exhibits sound convergent and concurrent validity and is a reliable and practical tool for service planning, evaluation, and monitoring child wellbeing trends. Methodology is in the paper. 4 data files: 1. N=3461 Clowning Around factor analysis 2. Convergent validation data for CA N=1822 3. Test-retest N=347 for CA 4. Rumble’s Quest factor analysis N=4333

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Mediated access. Requests for access accepted through the Data Link. Access is restricted to those wishing to verify our psychometric analyses or who wish to extend them. In the latter case, the enquirer should discuss the proposed analyses with Dr Homel since more recent data may be available. Any new analyses should result in joint publications with the research team.


Applied and developmental psychology

social-emotional wellbeing

middle childhood

digital game-based measurement

psychometric validation

data-guided practice

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