Design Excellence: The process of award winning designs

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Vint, Larry
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Rydges Capricorn Resort, Yeppoon


This paper looks at the design teaching processes undertaken to design innovative and creative award winning designs. This presentation takes you through the design processes and the student's journey to the final solution and fabrication by visual presentations. These winning international designs include the concept motor vehicle for rural China which won the 2004 Detroit Motor Show International Student Award, the Opus Design Award for sunglass design that now retails internationally for AU$400, the Qantas airbus catering solution, the Crusoe Sofa chosen to be exhibited at the Milan's prestigious Salone Satellite exhibition, the College of Sarina's Biota Science Museum, the Queensland War Museum, and Queensland's GU Ecco Centre. Through presenting visual case studies, this paper covers the stages of: 剉ntroducing a design brief (purpose and objectives of study, background research); 剅thics; 剃ontemporary and future trends; 剔he users and their environment; 剐lanning the project; 剁nalysing the problem (functional analysis, the mood, the influence of style, the ergonomics); 剔he concept (the realisation, simplicity, locality, functionality, detail, configurations, specifications, structure, controls); 剆urther development (time limitations, ergonomic model, mechanics/engineering, modifications, detail); 則allery (presentation); 剃onclusions (known problems, delimitations and limitations, feedback, reflection); 剂iography (literature, internet sources, interviews). Queensland is producing exceptional designers. Highlighted are some of my student's designs that are receiving accolades, and winning international design awards. Design is neither art nor science, but within its creative and logical context, passion is what drives the imaginative minds of our youth to be successful in this field.

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QSITE State Conference 2004 Conference Papers

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