Yarning about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Outcomes of a community-based workshop

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Reid, Natasha
Hawkins, Erinn
Liu, Wei
Page, Marjad
Webster, Heidi
Katsikitis, Mary
Shelton, Doug
Wood, Andrew
O'Callaghan, Frances
Morrissey, Shirley
Shanley, Dianne
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Introduction: There is a lack of neurodevelopmental assessment services in rural and remote locations in Australia that consider fetal alcohol spectrum disorder as a possible outcome. Methods: Eighty-seven participants attended a workshop to support community-based professional development and co-design of a novel assessment approach. Qualitative data collection included video recording of the workshop, and small group discussions, for which a narrative analysis was utilised. Quantitative data collection included self-report questionnaires to understand current community practices and three key constructs: practitioner knowledge, attitudes, and intentions for future practice. Results: The narrative analysis highlighted the ongoing impacts of colonisation, in terms of intergenerational trauma and alcohol use, experienced in the community today, and the potential high rates of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. To address these issues, multiple strategies were discussed, including the recognition of First Nations knowledge and expertise and a focus on the next generation and community organisations working collaboratively. The pre-and post-questionnaires demonstrated that practitioners' knowledge and attitudes were enhanced after attending the workshop, however practitioner intentions were not. The lack of significance for the intentions variable may have been due to the small number of available responses for that variable, in comparison to the other two constructs. Discussion: The current study identified key learnings from workshop facilitators and participants. The findings call attention to the importance of a co-design approach, where collaboration is vital to support the appropriate adaption of evidence-based practice to suit the local context.

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Research in Developmental Disabilities
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Reid, N; Hawkins, E; Liu, W; Page, M; Webster, H; Katsikitis, M; Shelton, D; Wood, A; O'Callaghan, F; Morrissey, S; Shanley, D, Yarning about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Outcomes of a community-based workshop, Research in Developmental Disabilities, 2020, 108