The Effects of Dehydration and Moderate Alcohol Consumption on Human Behaviour and Performance

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Human behaviour and performance are influenced by many factors. Alcohol consumption and dehydration are two factors that have individually been shown to have a detrimental impact on human behaviour and performance. Both of these factors have received significant scientific attention. Individuals may consume alcohol following a period of physical activity that causes fluid loss and results in dehydration. One could easily speculate that in combination, these factors may have a greater negative impact on performance and behaviour than in isolation. However, until now the combined effect of dehydration and alcohol consumption on human behaviour and performance has not been investigated. This thesis describes four main research studies in addition to four pilot investigations that were designed to examine the effects of dehydration and alcohol consumption on human behaviour and performance, specifically the cognitive skills related to driving a motor vehicle and driving-related risk taking behaviour. In Research Study One, the hydration status of industrial workers was monitored over two work days before exploring typical post-work behaviours, attitudes and perceptions relating to alcohol consumption. Results from this study indicated that approximately one-third of workers were inadequately hydrated either at the beginning or end of work shifts. With respect to alcohol consumption, most of the workers believed drinking alcohol after work was acceptable, and a lack of consideration for hydration levels was indicated prior to consuming alcohol. The findings from this study suggest that some individuals are likely to consume alcohol following a period of physical activity that causes dehydration.

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