Tourism, animals & the vacant niche: a scoping review and pedagogical agenda

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Fennell, David A
Kline, Carol
Mkono, Mucha
Grimwood, Bryan SR
Sheppard, Valerie A
Dashper, Katherine
Rickly, Jillian
Burns, Georgette Leah
Bertella, Giovanna
von Essen, Erica
Garcia-Rosell, Jose-Carlos
Guo, Yulei
Hoarau-Heemstra, Hin
Lopez, Alvaro Lopez
Venegas, Gino Jafet Quintero
et al.
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The topic of animal ethics has advanced in tourism studies since its inception in 2000, based on a diverse range of studies on species involvement, types of uses and contexts, level of engagement, states of animals, and theoretical perspectives. While there is still considerable scope to amplify research on animal-based tourism, a gap exists in tourism pedagogy amidst the field’s emphasis on a new expanding consciousness platform. We review the depth of existing scholarship on animal ethics in tourism and develop an agenda for advancing animal ethics pedagogy for the future. Our intent is to issue a call to action for curriculum committees, programme administrators, and educators to recognise and act on this critical moral domain in tourism education.

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Current Issues in Tourism

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Fennell, DA; Kline, C; Mkono, M; Grimwood, BSR; Sheppard, VA; Dashper, K; Rickly, J; Burns, GL; Bertella, G; von Essen, E; Garcia-Rosell, J-C; Guo, Y; Hoarau-Heemstra, H; Lopez, AL; Venegas, GJQ; Holladay, PJ; Cavaliere, CT; Copeland, K; Danley, B; Rizzolo, JB; Hurst, CE; Usui, R; Aijala, M; Crossley, E; Hill, K; Szydlowski, M; Bisgrove, D; Blythe, S; Fennell, SR; Oxley Heaney, S; Schuhmacher, C; Tully, P; Coose, S; Hooper, J; Madrid, R, Tourism, animals & the vacant niche: a scoping review and pedagogical agenda, Current Issues in Tourism, 2024