Understanding how highly accomplished teachers experience performance feedback: a qualitative study.

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Weir, Catherine

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Larkin, Kevin

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This research explores Highly Accomplished teachers’ perceptions of feedback provided during their annual performance appraisal/review. It looks at what constitutes effective feedback for this select group of teachers and the social practices that enable this. It identifies feedback practices that these teachers consider useful for future improvement as well as those practices that need attention with a view to improving overall feedback experiences of Highly Accomplished teachers undertaking a performance review. Underpinning my research is the belief that improving teaching across the school will improve student outcomes. To enable quality classroom teaching, feedback on performance must also be quality and have utility in terms of improvement. It is widely recognised that quality feedback is integral to the success of any appraisal process; however, the literature reviewed to date suggests that there is limited evidence available capturing teachers’ perceptions of what constitutes ‘quality’ in the feedback they receive revealing a gap that needs to be better understood. This research seeks to make sense of how Highly Accomplished teachers experience performance feedback. Given that feedback is a key component in fostering the motivation to learn and improve, this research examines aspects of current teacher appraisal processes that may be improved to better enable Highly Accomplished teachers to continue to teach well, advance in their career, and increase their job satisfaction levels. This research discusses some of the key research connected with teacher performance review, including current best practices to delivering feedback that will contribute to positive performance review. Finally, this suggests ways in which feedback can be enhanced within the research school fostering continual teacher growth and improved teacher quality throughout the school.

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