CoGC Research Program 2020/2021 - Task 4: Literature Review on Natural hazards

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Strauss, Darrell
Faivre, Gaelle
Tomlinson, Rodger
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The Gold Coast is a rapidly growing local government area with development pressures adjacent to the beaches and waterways. Infrastructure that supports the City is exposed to pluvial, fluvial, and coastal hazards, such as flooding, storm tide and coastal erosion associated with storm events (e.g. tropical cyclones). The impact of these natural hazards on the Gold Coast is predicted to increase in response to a changing climate.

The City has commenced development of a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy in accordance with the “Developing a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy: Minimum Standards and Guideline for Queensland Local Governments” (Local Government Association of Queensland and The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, 2016). The CHAS will identify infrastructure at risk of coastal hazards under future climate scenarios. However, the CHAS does not address wider risks associated with natural hazards, such as flooding, under future climate scenarios.

Therefore, a more detailed understanding of the impact of a changing climate on natural hazard severity is needed.

This task seeks to inform the City of future research needed to address the risk associated with natural hazards under current and future climate scenarios and the infrastructure needs to address the hazards and improve community resilience. The project will require collaboration between the City’s stormwater, beaches, and waterways programs with GCCM to identify best practice management practices. This task will seek to assist with identifying best practice management to improve the City’s understanding of the effect of a changing climate on natural hazard impacts to the Gold Coast. The research will also assist the City plan for works to improve the community’s resilience to natural hazards.

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Physical geography and environmental geoscience

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Strauss, D; Faivre, G; Tomlinson, R, CoGC Research Program 2020/2021 - Task 4: Literature Review on Natural hazards, 2021