Young People's Perceptions of Sexual Assault in Residential Care: "It Does Happen a Lot"

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Death, Jodi
Moore, Tim
McArthur, Morag
Roche, Steven
Tilbury, Claire
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The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Royal Commission) examined child sexual abuse within a wide range of institutions that provide services to children, this included residential facilities. The current study (funded by the Royal Commission) considers young people’s perception of safety in residential care; specifically, the current study attended to the voices of young people who spoke about sexual harassment and assault in qualitative interviews. Interviews were conducted with young people aged between 13 and 21 years who were or had recently been in residential care. Participants were asked for their perceptions of situations in a series of vignettes describing various levels and types of sexual assault and harassment. During these interviews, the young people in this study voluntarily reported known incidences of sexual assault and harassment in varying levels, perpetrated by workers, individuals outside of residential care, and peers within residential care. Sexual assault and harassment was discussed in heteronormative and gendered ways with young men seen as perpetrators and protectors, and young women seen as being vulnerable. Further, it was evident from this study, that there were varying responses to these situations from workers within the residential care facilities.

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Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

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Death, J; Moore, T; McArthur, M; Roche, S; Tilbury, C, Young People's Perceptions of Sexual Assault in Residential Care: "It Does Happen a Lot", Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 2020