100 Ways to Listen

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Tomlinson, Vanessa
Ferguson, John
Barclay, Leah
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Brisbane, Australia


Research Background: 100 Ways to Listen demonstrates commitment to using sound as a way of engaging the public in issues including physical phenomena of sound, environmental awareness, synthesis of sound, and experimentation in science. The events in 100 Ways to Listen are inclusive of concerts of notated music, sound installations, kinetic sound installations, immersive AR, VR experiences, GPS located sound aps, and immersive surround sound compositions. As a whole, they significantly contribute to Experimental Music in Australia, and provide a platform for the general public to engage with new, cutting edge technologies, and modes of sound presentation. Research Contribution: In this festival, the curatorial team are seeking to promote new audience engagement with experimental music – opening windows to listening to the unknown through engagement with science, and raising curiosity about experimentation. 100 Ways to Listen invites audiences to come on the journey as we propose questions and then work through the answers. Sound, composition, and music are at the forefront of the festival, but presented in an informal setting of discovery and participation. Research Significance: In total over 3,000 people participated in listening in person during this event, with many people engaging with the ideas, recordings, and reporting online (hashtag #100xListen reached 192,031 twitter accounts; Facebook – Griffith News Story: Where Science Meets Art, over 11,500 views; Website Activity: The website (www.100waystolisten.com) peak activity during the weekend of World Science Festival with a total of 4800 hits during the 3 day event. Over 150 performers were involved in the event, including 3 curators, 5 composers, 4 installations makers, 84 pianists, and 60 Music Technology, Queensland Conservatorium students. 100 Ways to Listen straddles the professional arts world and academia, providing resources for innovative experimental art to be presented, and engaging the students cohort in high level industry experience through the World Science Festival. This project was finalist in the Experimental Music category of the Art Music Awards, and won the Queensland State AMC/APRA Award for Excellence.

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100 Ways to Listen is a curatorial project at the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre. 100 Ways to Listen was also held at the World Science Festival, Queensland Conservatorium 2017.

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Tomlinson, V; Ferguson, J; Barclay, L, 100 Ways to Listen, 100 Ways to Listen, 2017