Association of serum fetuin-B with insulin resistance and pre-diabetes in young Chinese women: evidence from a cross-sectional study and effect of liraglutide

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Xia, Xuyun
Xue, Shiyao
Yang, Gangyi
Li, Yu
Liu, Hua
Chen, Chen
Li, Ling
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BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Fetuin-B has been reported to be involved in glucose and lipid metabolism and associated with the occurrence of diabetes. The main purpose of this study is to explore the changes of circulating fetuin-B in young women with pre-diabetes and to analyze the relationship between fetuin-B and the occurrence and development of IR. METHODS: A total of 304 women were enrolled in this study and subjected to both OGTT and EHC. A subgroup of 26 overweight/obese womenwas treated with Lira for 24 weeks. serum fetuin-B concentrations were measured by ELISA. RESULTS: In IGT and IR-NG groups, serum fetuin-B levels were higher than those in the NGT group. The serum fetuin-B levels in the IGT group were higher than those in the IR-NG group. serum fetuin-B was positively correlated with BMI, WHR, 2h-BG, FIns, HbA1c, and HOMA2-IR, but negatively correlated with the M-value in all study populations. Multiple stepwise regression analysis showed that the M-value was independently and inversely associated with serum fetuin-B. Logistic regression analysis showed that serum fetuin-B was independently associated with IGT and significantly increased the risk of IGT. During the OGTT, serum fetuin-B increased significantly in the NGT group, but there were no significant changes in other groups. During the EHC, serum fetuin-B increased in the IGT group, but there was no change in other groups. After Lira intervention, serum fetuin-B decreased significantly in IGT women. CONCLUSIONS: serum fetuin-B levels are elevated in young women with IR or IGT and may be associated with IR.

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Xia, X; Xue, S; Yang, G; Li, Y; Liu, H; Chen, C; Li, L, Association of serum fetuin-B with insulin resistance and pre-diabetes in young Chinese women: evidence from a cross-sectional study and effect of liraglutide, PeerJ, 2021, 9, pp. e11869