Measuring the Masses: A Proposed Template for Post-Event Medical Reporting (Paper 4)

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Turris, S
Rabb, H
Chasmar, E
Munn, MB
Callaghan, CW
Hutton, A
Ranse, J
Lund, A
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Background: Standardizing and systematizing the reporting of health outcomes from mass gatherings (MGs) will improve the quality of data being reported. Setting minimum standards for case reporting is an important strategy for improving data quality. This paper is one of a series of papers focused on understanding the current state, and shaping the future state, of post-event case reporting. Methods: Multiple data sources were used in creating a lean, yet comprehensive list of essential reporting fields, including a: (1) literature synthesis drawn from analysis of 54 post-event case reports; (2) comparison of existing data models for MGs; (3) qualitative analysis of gaps in current case reports; and (4) set of data domains developed based on the preceding sources. Findings: Existing literature fails to consistently report variables that may be essential for not only describing the health outcomes of a given event, but also for explaining those outcomes. In the context of current and future state reporting, 25 essential variables were identified. The essential variables were organized according to four domains, including: (i) Event Domain; (ii) Hazard and Risk Domain; (iii) Capacity Domain; and (iv) Clinical Domain. Discussion: The authors propose a first-generation template for post-event medical reporting. This template standardizes the reporting of 25 essential variables. An accompanying data dictionary provides background and standardization for each of the essential variables. Of note, this template is lean and will develop over time, with input from the international MG community. In the future, additional groups of variables may be helpful as "overlays,"depending on the event category and type. Conclusions: This paper presents a template for post-event medical reporting. It is hoped that consistent reporting of essential variables will improve both data collection and the ability to make comparisons between events so that the science underpinning MG health can continue to advance.

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Prehospital and Disaster Medicine

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Turris, S; Rabb, H; Chasmar, E; Munn, MB; Callaghan, CW; Hutton, A; Ranse, J; Lund, A, Measuring the Masses: A Proposed Template for Post-Event Medical Reporting (Paper 4), Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 2021