Corrigendum to “Using volunteered geographic information to assess park visitation: Comparing three on-line platforms” [Applied Geography 89C (2017) 163-72]

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Norman, Patrick
Pickering, Catherine Marina
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The following abstract was missing from the original version of the above-mentioned article:

“The emergence of web platforms where people share geographic data provides a new way to monitor how people use landscapes. This includes assessing park use, including for different recreational activities such as walking and running: but which platforms are best to use and why? To start to address these questions we compared geographic route data for park visitors from three large web share platforms: GPSies, MapMyFitness and Wikiloc. We obtained route data from all three platforms for an urban park (Daisy Hill), a peri-urban park (Lamington) and a more remote park (Mount Barney) in Australia. The largest number of user posted routes for the three parks was from MapMyFitness (1041 routes), including information on how walkers (572) and runners (469) use trails, particularly in Daisy Hill (705). However, the popularity of this platform is declining. In contrast, Wikiloc provided information on off track use, particularly in the more remote Mount Barney National Park. There were few trails on GPSies from the three parks, despite the platform’s popularity in Europe. The results indicate that the best platform to use will depend on the questions asked and the popularity of the platform with local users. Volunteered geographic data can be a cost and time efficient way to collect visitor data compared to some other methods, such as trail counters and observations, but it only reflects particular users, and is geographically and temporally variable as the popularity of platforms change among users.”

The authors would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused to the readers.

DOI of the original article: 10.1016/j.apgeog.2017.11.001

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Norman, P; Pickering, CM, Using volunteered geographic information to assess park visitation: Comparing three on-line platforms (vol 89C, pg 163, 2017), Applied Geography, 2018, 91, pp. 168-168