Double-partial thickness bucally slibing flap for soft tissue augmentation after implant placement in combination with ridge bone augmentation

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Gomozias, T.
Silvestros, S.
Chronopoulos, Vasileios
Vrochari, Areti
Massey, Ward
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Niklaus Lang

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Rome, Italy


Background A fuctional outcome was and still remains the main purpose of a periodontal surgical procedure. However, as implants have been part of dental routine, the 'Esthetics' factor has been gradually more considerable in the soft tissue augmentation. The keyword for an esthetic result is usually 'predictability'. In other words, a plastic surgery technique that can be predictable and repeatable in its clinical outcome is needed. Aim/Hypothesis The aim of this poster is to present the double-partial thickness, coronally positioned, bucally slibing flap. This is an alternative flap technique for soft tissue augmentation and its main benefit is a more esthetic outcome in periodontal surgery. Material and methods A 28 year-old male patient, referred to our dental clinic with a failed apicoectomy treated #21. The treatment plan involved an implant restoration. Both hard and soft tissues were in need of augmentation. The tooth was extracted and a Biomet 3i implant was placed. For the soft tissues augmentation the double-partial thickness, coronally positioned, bucally slibing flap technique was performed, while for the hard tissues augmentation, DFDBA particles were utilized and stabilized with a resorbable collagen membrane. Results The surgical outcome was more than satisfactory. Hard and soft tissues dimensions were considerably improved and no surgical scars remained after the healing period. Conclusion and clinical implications ?he double-partial thickness, coronally positioned, bucally slibing flap is an effective plastic periodontal surgery technique. The esthetic outcome is considered to be the main advantage. However, it's a challenging technique and needs microsurgery equipment to be performed.

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European Association for Osseointegration

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