Real Rural Women's Leadership - Episode 9: Professor Jacqui Ewart chats with Dr Amanda Gearing

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Ewart, Jacqueline
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Background The Real Rural Women’s Leadership project was a funded by the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment and was a partnership between Care Balonne in St George, University of Sunshine Coast and Griffith University. The project ran from 1 August 2021 to 31 May 2022. A series of podcasts were developed as part of a research project focussing on women’s leadership in regional, rural and remote Australia. I interviewed women leaders in news organisations in rural, remote and regional Australia about their experiences, what contribution their news sites make to their communities and their view of leadership.

Contribution The project’s activity focuses on facilitating community resilience, building the capacity of local women to earn income, and on fostering leadership skills by harnessing the skills and strengths that already exist within the Balonne Shire. This project is specifically designed to enable greater autonomy and capacity to agricultural producers as well as other community members and businesspeople affected by the drought and the Murray Darling Basin Plan. It aims to help local economies by empowering the local community to share good practices in business leadership and management, diversify income streams (such as through the creation of secondary and online businesses), collaborate on developing a strategy to transition to larger markets including international markets of existing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as diversifying how SMEs market and sell to local and national markets.

Significance This is the first time a series of podcasts has been produced about rural, regional and remote women’s experiences of leadership, and specifically their experiences and leadership of news sites and newspapers in these locations. They have been made freely and publicly available to benefit women and those living in regional, rural and remote Australia and those who want to know about them.

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Ewart, J, Real Rural Women's Leadership - Episode 9: Professor Jacqui Ewart chats with Dr Amanda Gearing, 2022