Engaging in co-creation through dialogue. Methods Snapshot. Pathways in Place: Co-Creating Community Capabilities

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Stuart, Jaimee
Riley, Therese
Branch, Sara
Krahe, Michelle
Craike, Mel
Head, Jerath
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Co-creation refers to the active involvement of community and other stakeholders in the processes of design, implementation, and evaluation. It is a collaborative process that acknowledges the value of different people working together, and places importance on the perspectives of the people who have lived experience of the problem. In community-based work, co-creation is used to improve understandings of and solutions to real-world issues. It achieves this by reducing uneven power dynamics, highlighting assumptions, and facilitating genuine exchanges among policy makers, practitioners, community members, and researchers. We are engaging in co-creation (through dialogue) throughout the Program, involving a range of activities and stakeholders. Initially, our focus is on our work with community stakeholders. These stakeholders are the people, groups and organisations that have lived experience of the issues facing children and young people, including practitioners working at the frontline of government, community, and private sector organisations. In Logan, our focus is on the health, education, and wellbeing of children and young people aged 0–15. In Brimbank, our focus is on education, employment, and wellbeing of young people aged 15–24.

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Pathways in Place: Co-Creating Community Capabilities is an innovative program of research and action that supports flourishing of children and youngpeople. This Program is jointly delivered by Victoria University (Victoria, Australia) and Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) with funding generously provided by the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

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Stuart, J; Riley, T; Branch, S; Krahe, M; Craike, M; Head, J, Engaging in co-creation through dialogue. Methods Snapshot. Pathways in Place: Co-Creating Community Capabilities, 2021