Research for JYU: An AI-Driven, Fully Remote Mobile Application for Functional Exercise Testing

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Cronin, N
Lehtiö, A
Talaskivi, J
Griffith University Author(s)
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Särestöniemi, Mariella

Keikhosrokiani, Pantea

Singh, Daljeet

Harjula, Erkki

Tiulpin, Aleksei

Jansson, Miia

Isomursu, Minna

van Gils, Mark

Saarakkala, Simo

Reponen, Jarmo

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Oulu, Finland


As people live longer, the incidence and severity of health problems increases, placing strain on healthcare systems. There is an urgent need for resource-wise approaches to healthcare. We present a system built using open-source tools that allows health and functional capacity data to be collected remotely. The app records performance on functional tests using the phone’s built-in camera and provides users with immediate feedback. Pose estimation is used to detect the user in the video. The x, y coordinates of key body landmarks are then used to compute further metrics such as joint angles and repetition durations. In a proof-of-concept study, we collected data from 13 patients who had recently undergone knee ligament or knee replacement surgery. Patients performed the sit-to-stand test twice, with an average difference in test duration of 1.12 s (range: 1.16–3.2 s). Y-coordinate locations allowed us to automatically identify repetition start and end times, while x, y coordinates were used to compute joint angles, a common rehabilitation outcome variable. Mean difference in repetition duration was 0.1 s (range: −0.4–0.4 s) between trials 1 and 2. Bland-Altman plots confirmed general test-retest consistency within participants. We present a mobile app that enables functional tests to be performed remotely and without supervision. We also demonstrate real-world feasibility, including the ability to automate the entire process, from testing to analysis and the provision of real-time feedback. This approach is scalable, and could form part of national health strategies, allowing healthcare providers to minimise the need for in-person appointments whilst yielding cost savings.

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Digital Health and Wireless Solutions: First Nordic Conference​, NCDHWS 2024, Oulu, Finland, May 7–8, 2024, Proceedings, Part II

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Cronin, N; Lehtiö, A; Talaskivi, J, Research for JYU: An AI-Driven, Fully Remote Mobile Application for Functional Exercise Testing, Communications in Computer and Information Science, 2024, 2084, pp. 279-287