Marketing International Higher Education in Taiwan International Higher Education: Reaching the Taiwanese Market

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Gatfield, Terry

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Zimitat, Craig

Bartlett, Brendan

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The Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) was used for the first time to examine Taiwanese consumer behaviour regarding the selection of overseas English-language universities for fkther higher education. Taiwanese students intending to study overseas at universities in Australia, the UK and the USA were interviewed to confirm literature reports of the salient factors influencing the decision making process. The 23 salient factors influencing decision-making were organised into four categories: 'Attitudes towards the behaviour of overseas study'; 'Subjective norms', 'Perceived control over study intentions' and the 'Role of information'. These categories formed the basis of a survey questionnaire administered to Taiwanese students (n=518) intending to study at a university in Australia, the UK or the USA. The questions in the survey were structured and organised so as to form global and specific measures fo~ each factor. The TPB was demonstrated, through factor analysis and multiple regression analyses, to be a reliable model to predict the intention of Taiwanese students to study overseas generally and in the three target countries. Each of the three global measures was significant predictors of the intention to study overseas: 'Attitudes towards the behaviour of overseas study' (Rz0.549, p less than 0.001, P=0.285); 'Subjective norms' (R=0.549, p less than 0.001, fk0.239) and 'Perceived control over study intentions' (R=0.549, p less than 0.001, P=0.185). At the level of specific measures only 'Role of information' (p up to 0.5) was not a significant predictor of intention to study overseas. The specific measure 'Attitudes towards the behaviour of overseas study' was a slightly more important predictor of Taiwanese students' intention to study overseas. Regarding study in individual countries 'ttitudes towards the behaviour of overseas study' was the most important predictor of Taiwanese students' intention to study in Australia (R=0.613, p less than 0.05, P=0.326) and the UK (R = 0.504, p less than 0.05). The most important predictor of intention to study in the USA was 'Subjective norms' (R = 0.538, p less than 0.01). On the basis of this research suggestions are proposed for marketing practitioners. Suggestions include shaping students cognition about the country through the media in Taiwan; the greater use of campus newspapers published by Taiwanese universities or colleges, and the development of multiple language websites by Western universities.

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