Development of affective learning in dietetics graduates: A qualitative longitudinal study

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O'Shea, Marie-Claire
Palermo, Claire
Rogers, Gary D
Williams, Lauren T
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Background: The development of affective learning during healthcare student education is essential for professional practice. Current studies are limited to short-term studies with medicine and nursing students. Longitudinal studies are emerging; however, the research within allied health students remains scant. The present study investigates the value of simulation-based learning activities in relation to affective learning among dietetic students. Methods: A double hermeneutic, interpretative phenomenological approach (IPA) approach was employed, followed by an analysis of the trajectory of participants' affective learning across three-interview time points via the application of Krathwohl's affective learning levels. Results: The simulation developed affective learning in four of the six participants, specifically in relation to their view of themselves as practitioners and their understanding of their future responsibilities to patient care. Three key themes were identified in the participants: (1) feeling of workforce readiness, (2) valuing lifelong learning and (3) attitudes towards interprofessional teamwork. Conclusions: This IPA methodology described dietetic students' affective learning development as they transitioned to practice as graduate health professionals. Simulation-based learning is one activity that enhances students' learning in the affective domain and educators should consider its value within their programs.

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Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics

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O'Shea, M-C; Palermo, C; Rogers, GD; Williams, LT, Development of affective learning in dietetics graduates: A qualitative longitudinal study, Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 2022