Unveiling Reality: An Engaging Review Of Climate Change’s Impacts On Human Health

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Yong, Kun Hing
Gautam, Ajeevan
Chaulagain, Rajib
Chu, Cordia
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Background: The phenomenon of global climate change has been observed worldwide. Scientists have determined that the Earth’s average temperature has increased by 1°C since the late 19th century. This change is attributed to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions from anthropogenic activities. Aside from rising temperatures, climate change also changes weather patterns and increases the frequency and magnitude of extreme events. This global issue has created long-term anxiety for the public due to negative impacts on ecosystems and human health. Climate change exacerbates health disparities, especially among vulnerable populations. This study aimed to review the current direct and indirect impact of climate change on human health in line with recent developments across the globe. Methods: A comprehensive literature review was conducted in 2023, identifying and retrieving all related articles published between 2010 and 2023 from electronic databases. Additionally, grey literature from world organisations’ websites was also studied. Results: This review found that climate change directly affects human health through climate extremes, excessive temperatures, and rising sea levels. Climate change also indirectly impacts health through food, clean water, infectious diseases, and migration. Conclusions: Climate change needs to be addressed urgently, and collective action is needed to mitigate its impact. World leaders and policymakers should find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, transition to clean energy investments and protect the health of vulnerable populations. Lastly, a heatwave is one of the climate-related extreme events that has become more frequent and intense but remains relatively understudied compared to other extreme events. Future climate change research should consider heatwaves and adaptation strategies.

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Journal of Chitwan Medical College

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© 2023 Kun Hing Yong, Ajeevan Gautam, Rajib Chaulagain, Cordia Chu. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Chu, C; Yong, KH, Unveiling Reality: An Engaging Review Of Climate Change’s Impacts On Human Health, Journal of Chitwan Medical College, 2023, 13 (44), pp. 112-118