An exploratory study of practitioner engagement with Service Dominant logic in West Africa

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Dza, Mawuko
Fisher, Ron
Gapp, Rod
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Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Mawuko Dza, & Raisa Yakimova

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Gold Coast, Australia


A little over a decade ago, Vargo and Lusch promoted S-D logic as an approach for understanding value and its applicability to all sectors of economies and to the enhancement of efficiency and improved productivity. Despite the developing body of literature on S-D logic, the concept seems to remain in the hands of relatively few. This leaves the vast majority, especially academics and practitioners in Africa and other developing countries, in oblivion. Thus, the paper assesses the level of dissemination of S-D logic in the West African sub-region, and also examines the applicability of the logic to logistics and supply network management in the sub-region. The study adopts an exploratory qualitative approach on grounds that the area under study is relatively new and requires researcher engagement with participants to better understand the phenomenon under investigation. The findings show that all research participants interviewed had no prior knowledge about S-D logic's concepts, let alone their applicability to logistics and supply network management. Research participants were taken from academics and practitioners in Ghanaian universities, for this reason the authors acknowledge the limitation of geographical boundary for this study. The research addresses the deficiency of S-D logic's dissemination to academics and practitioners in developing countries. Attempts are made in these countries towards linking the significance of S-D logic to economic growth and development, where there is no extant research about the uptake of S-D logic. There has been little research that examines the applicability of S-D logic, supply network management and logistics in the West African sub-region. This article it is hope will ignite debate about the significance of the logic to economic development in developing countries.

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4th Global Conference on SME, Entrepreneurship and Service Innovation (GCSMES) 2012: Economic Sustainability and Enhancement of Living Standards

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