Addressing the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in Australia - PROJECT METHODOLOGY

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Sawrikar, Pooja
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In 2016, a systematic literature review on child sexual abuse and ethnic minority communities was conducted to help address a long-standing gap in knowledge. Ethnic minorities refer to migrants in Western English-dominant multicultural countries (such as Australia, the US, UK, Canada, and New Zealand) who are non-mainstream in race, culture, language, and/or religion – the four main dimensions of ethnicity (O’Hagan, 1999). Four broad themes were explored – community awareness of child sexual abuse, culturally appropriate prevention, barriers to disclosure of child sexual abuse among ethnic minorities, and culturally appropriate treatment. Findings in relation to these four themes are only briefly described here. The full results are available from the Project Website. Based on all these findings from the systematic literature review, a multi-year project was designed, and Griffith University (GU) has contributed funding to it. The study is comprised of three intended stages, each developing and evaluating an education program to help build capacity across various community sectors. The first program is for the service sector, and aims to build awareness and knowledge of all the key issues that emerged from the review as well as clinical confidence and competence. The second program is for CALD parents/guardians, and aims to build awareness and knowledge about child sexual abuse and the role of governments regarding child safety in culturally sensitive ways as well as confidence and competence to protect their children. The third program is for the school sector, and aims to build awareness and knowledge about the pitfalls of only using universal or only using culturally tailored prevention programs as well as staff confidence and competence to respond supportively and culturally appropriately to disclosures.

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© Griffith University 2019. All material in this report is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Australia licence. Please see for conditions and the full legal code relating to this licence.

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This project has received funding from Griffith University ($5K Research Encouragement Grant 2018) under the title, ‘Addressing child sexual abuse in ethnic minority communities in Australia’. It is being carried out by Dr Pooja Sawrikar at Griffith University (GU), School of Human Services and Social Work (HSV), Parklands Drive, Southport, 4222, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia;

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Sawrikar, P. (2019). Addressing the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in Australia: Project Methodology. Griffith University (GU), Queensland. DOI: xx.