Industry Best Practice for Airport Construction Safety and Phasing Plans (CSPPs)

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Horst, Joshua
Murray, Patrick
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Amiy Varma, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE; and Geoffrey D. Gosling, Ph.D., M.ASCE

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Orlando, Florida, USA


A Construction Safety and Phasing Plan (CSPP) is a necessary document for any airport construction project that could have an impact on normal airport operations. The basic intent of every CSPP is to minimize risk and maintain safe airport operations while construction activities proceed. However, the requirements for such documents vary significantly around the world. Currently there is no readily available source of information that identifies the differences in CSPP requirements between ICAO contracting States. This can pose a challenge for consultancies and engineering firms breaking away from domestic markets or participating in overseas projects for the first time. Consequently it may be a challenge for many firms to implement a best practice approach to CSPP development where there is very little documentation of what is best practice. In this regard, this paper will present research that identifies some of the key differences that exist in the published requirements and practical development of airport CSPPs throughout many ICAO States. The paper will also identify, at the fundamental level, what can be argued as the existing industry best practice for CSPP development. This will be supported by empirical research and guiding principles found in project management research and the study of human factors. This paper will conclude with an identification of best practices for CSPP development and put forth recommendations concerning future CSPP regulation. Keywords: Airport, Best Practice, Construction, Human Factors, Operations, Phasing, Project Management, Safety

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Proceedings of the 2nd Transportation and Development Institute Congress

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