Dimensional changes in the supporting tissues following immediate placement and restoration of dental implants in the aesthetic zone: a retrospective study

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Aim: The objective of this retrospective study was to assess the survival rate and the hard and soft tissue response following immediate placement and provisional restoration of single-tooth implants in the aesthetic zone. Materials and Methods: Thirty-four patients (13 male and 21 female) with 37 immediately placed and restored implants (Astra-Tech® AB, Mölndal, Sweden) were identified as eligible to participate in this retrospective study. Thirteen of these patients returned for the follow-up examination. All participating patients underwent the same treatment strategy which was removal of the failed tooth, flapless surgery, immediate implant placement and the connection of a screw-retained temporary restoration. Reasons for tooth loss included failed root canal treatment, trauma and tooth resorption. Three months following implant placement, the temporary crowns were replaced by the definitive restorations. Implant survival rates and hard and soft tissue changes were measured using photographs and peri-apical x-rays. The range of observation period was between 12 to 27 months with a mean period of 16 ± 5 months. Results: At 16 ± 5 months, all implants were present at the time of follow-up with no complications, resulting in an implant survival rate of 100%. Radiographic evaluation revealed that there was no statistical difference in bone loss mesially and distally between baseline and follow-up. Clinical evaluation of the soft tissue revealed no statistically significant changes in mesial papilla, distal papilla and mid-facial tissue stability throughout the observation period. Conclusions: Within the limitation of this retrospective study, immediate implant placement and provisional restoration in the aesthetic zone of the maxilla can result in acceptable treatment outcomes as well as stable peri-implant tissues after a follow up period of 16 ± 5 months using the Astra Tech implant system.

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