Validity of the Compassionate Engagement and Action Scales with family carers of older adults: confirmatory factor analyses

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Murfield, Jenny
Moyle, Wendy
O’Donovan, Analise
Ware, Robert S
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Objectives: To confirm the factor validity of the Compassionate Engagement and Action Scales (CEAS), as set out in the original development study, when used with a sample of family carers of older adults. Design: A series of confirmatory factor analyses were undertaken to test the previously proposed factor solutions of each scale. Setting: As part of a larger cross-sectional survey, the scales were completed online or via hard copy between July and December 2019. Participants: An international sample of 171 family carers of adults aged 65 years or older. Measurements: The CEAS are three measures that individually assess Compassion for Self, Compassion to Others, and Compassion from Others. All scales measure two aspects, “engagement” and “actions” (two-factor solution), and Compassion for Self also measures two further dimensions within engagement: “sensitivity to suffering” and “engagement with suffering” (three-factor solution). Results: Results were largely consistent with the two-factor solutions proposed for the three orientations of compassion, with acceptable fit and good internal reliability. There was some support for the three-factor solution of Compassion for Self; however, despite model fit comparable to the two-factor solution, internal reliability of the delineated “engagement” dimensions was low, and there was a weak factor loading for item 5 that measured distress tolerance. Conclusions: Use of the CEAS with family carers of older adults is promising. Further research is recommended with larger samples and to explore distress tolerance as a competency within conceptualization and measurement of compassion.

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International Psychogeriatrics

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Murfield, J; Moyle, W; O’Donovan, A; Ware, RS, Validity of the Compassionate Engagement and Action Scales with family carers of older adults: confirmatory factor analyses, International Psychogeriatrics