Findings from the Seeding the Data Commons Project

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Rebollo, Robyn
Henderson, Katrina
Toohey, Julie
Smith, Diane
Stevens, Cheryl
Keogh, Kim
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This dataset includes a detailed survey that collected information on the types of research data produced at the University, the kinds of storage practices used for maintaining research data, how the research data is managed, what access permissions are in place or are required and any legal requirements in respect to the data. Anonymised survey data results are included. The Griffith University's Seeding the Data Commons (NCRIS) project gathered information professionals with specialised areas in information management, innovative librarianship and technical architecture, to develop a uniform approach to identifying, capturing and exposing research data, while honouring the key principles set forth in the Griffith University Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Specific actions conducted by the Seeding the Data Commons (NCRIS) project team included: I. Identified and described research data associated with Griffith research projects in order to meet the criteria set out by the Australian Research Data Commons and the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy. II. Partnered with the Griffith Office for Research to extract research project metadata (project funding sponsors, project status, project description, project leader/manager, project identifier) from internal research systems, which was then migrated to a Griffith institutional research repository in RIF-CS Format. III. Assessed related datasets and identified appropriate access requirements (open, ediated, controlled, metadata only, restricted) in line with Federal, State and Griffith's data management policies. IV. Catalogued appropriate metadata pertaining to research metadata stores using the Registry Interchange Format - Collections and Services (RIF-CS) Schema, the data interchange format supporting Research Data Australia. V.Migrated Griffith's RIF-CS records directly from a Griffith institutional research repository to the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) using cross walking techniques, and piloted test feeds via XML push technology and the use of the OAI-PMH harvest protocol (via the EIF project) VI. Accommodated any legal, ethical, security or other constraints over the lifecycle of research data identified via direct communication with the Office for Research and research participants at Griffith University.

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