Promoting Confident body, Confident Child (CBCC) in the Gold Coast community: A mixed methods implementation study

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Norton, Lyza
Roberts, Shelley
Attenborough, Vicki
O'Connor, Narelle
Hart, Laura
Moloney, Susan
Butel, Francoise
Griffith University Author(s)
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Adelaide, Australia


Introduction: Body dissatisfaction is a predictor for low self-esteem, depression, unhealthy eating patterns, overweight/obesity and eating disorder development in children/adolescents. Foundations for negative body image develop in early childhood, hence prevention programs should target young children. Confident Body, Confident Child (CBCC) is an innovative, evidence-based program providing parenting strategies to promote healthy eating, physical activity and body satisfaction in children aged 2–6 years. This study aims to evaluate the population-level implementation of CBCC by training Child Health Nurses (CHNs) across Gold Coast Health (GCH) to disseminate CBCC to parents of young children in their usual clinics.

Method and Participants: This study uses an implementation-effectiveness hybrid design, with dual focus on assessing implementation (process evaluation) and clinical effectiveness (outcomes evaluation). CBCC implementation will be done at two levels: CHN training and parent delivery. Process data on CBCC reach, dose and fidelity among CHNs and parents and outcome data on changes in CHN and parent knowledge, attitudes and behaviours pre- and post-intervention will be collected. CHN and parent acceptability will also be assessed through interviews.

Results: Preliminary data on implementation processes will be available for the conference.

Conclusion: This study involves optimising existing community health services and addressing an identified gap in current care. This is the first study to evaluate population-wide CBCC implementation in a real-world health service setting.

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Norton, L; Roberts, S; Attenborough, V; O'Connor, N; Hart, L; Moloney, S; Butel, F, Promoting Confident body, Confident Child (CBCC) in the Gold Coast community: A mixed methods implementation study, Journal of Eating Disorders, 2019, 7