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    • On Collapse of Pipe-in-Pipe Systems under External Pressure 

      Karampour, Hassan; Alrsai, Mahmoud; Guan, Hong; Albermani, Faris (ACMSM24, 2017)
      This paper presents analytical and numerical models for predicting buckle propagation pressure of pipe-in-pipe (PIP) systems. The 2D analytical solution is based on flexural and membrane deformations of the cross section ...
    • Environmental Corrections: A New Paradigm for Supervising Offenders in the Community 

      Schaefer, Lacey; Cullen, Francis T.; Eck, John E. (2016)
      Environmental Corrections is an innovative guide filled with rich insights and strategies for probation and parole officers to effectively integrate offenders back into the community and reduce recidivism. Authors Lacey ...
    • Refugees, Regionalism and Responsibility 

      Mathew, Pene; Harley, Tristan (2016)
      Regional cooperation is sometimes seen as the answer to refugee movements. This book examines whether regional arrangements have resulted in protection and durable solutions for refugees and how responsibility for refugees ...
    • Demand Guarantees: Operation, Enforcement and the Autonomy Principle 

      Rodrigo, Thanuja (2015)
      Drawing upon the contractual doctrine of freedom of contract and public policy reasons justifying the judicial intervention in the enforcement of demand guarantees, this book considers the extent to which judicial intervention, ...
    • Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam 

      Howell, Julia; van Bruinessen, Martin (Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam, 2007)
      Sufism, as a devotional and mystical current within the Islamic tradition, has been subject to the strains of modernization experienced across the Muslim world. Rapidly expanding urban populations, the diffusion of ...
    • Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam 

      Howell, Julia; van Bruinessen, Martin (2007)
      Sufism has not only survived into the twenty-first century but has experienced a significant resurgence throughout the Muslim world. "Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam" offers refreshing new perspectives on this phenomenon, ...
    • Phosphorus removal from secondary sewage and septage using sand media amended with biochar in constructed wetland mesocosms 

      de Rozari, Philiphi; Greenway, Margaret; El Hanandeh, Ali (Science of the Total Environment, 2016)
      To improve the performance efficiency of subsurface constructed wetlands (CWs), a variety of media have been tested. Recently, there has been a rising interest in biochar. This research aims to develop the effectiveness ...
    • Between 'Jihad' and 'McWorld': Engaged Sufism in Indonesia 

      Howell, Julia (Islam and Political Violence, Muslim Diaspora and Radicalism in the West, 2007)
      Perhaps having in mind the image of Sufism as pacificist and otherworldly, my colleagues have asked that I address the question: 'To what extent is Sufism being used by Muslims to reclaim a sense of spiritual well-being ...
    • Nitrogen removal from sewage and septage in constructed wetland mesocosms using sand media amended with biochar 

      de Rozari, Philiphi; Greenway, Margaret; El Hanandeh, Ali (Ecological Engineering, 2018)
      Biochar has been identified as a media amendment to improve nutrient removal from wastewater, and N retention and plant growth in agroforestry. It therefore has the potential for treating domestic wastewater. The aim of ...
    • The Hydro-economics of Mining 

      Ossa-Moreno, Juan; McIntyre, Neil; Saleem, Ali; Smart, Jim; Rivera, Diego; Lall, U.; Keir, Greg (Ecological Economics, 2018)
      Joint research between economists and hydrologists increasingly contributes to optimising the economic value gained from water, while safeguarding its social and environmental values. The application of hydro-economic ...
    • Modernity and Islamic Spirituality in Indonesia's New Sufi Networks 

      Howell, Julia (Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam, 2007)
      Throughout much of the twentieth century, Indonesian Sufi traditions were subject to a dual marginalizanon. This came from within the local Muslim community by Muslim Modernists and, from the outside looking in, by social ...
    • Visualizing Feeling: Affect and the Feminine Avant-garde 

      Best, Susan (2011)
      Is late modern art 'anti-aesthetic'? What does it mean to label a piece of art 'affectless'? These traditional characterizations of 1960s and 1970s art are radically challenged in this subversive art history. By introducing ...
    • Fashion, growth and welfare: an evolutionary approach 

      Chai, Andreas; E. Earl, Peter; Potts, Jason (Advances in Austrian Economics, 2007)
      The task of this paper is to explore the interplay between fashion, consumer lifestyles and economic growth in the context of a world of technological change in which the menu of possibilities that consumers face is ...
    • Sex Crimes in the Fifties 

      Featherstone, Lisa; Kaladelfos, Andy (2016)
      The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (2013-2017) has given national consciousness to the problematic treatment of sexual offences in Australia's past. Yet there has been little ...
    • Domestic technology, consumption economies of scale and poverty: evidence from Sri Lanka 

      Jayasinghe Mudiyan Selage, Maneka; Ratnasiri, Shyama; Smith, Christine; Chai, Andreas (Applied Economics, 2017)
      While it is well known that new technologies enhance consumer welfare, the manner in which these technologies impact the ability to realize economies of scale in consumption is not well understood. We use Sri Lankan household ...
    • The Chalkies: Educating an Army for Independence 

      Dymock, Darryl (2016)
      Between 1966 and 1973, while Australian troops were fighting in Vietnam, some 300 conscripted teachers were quietly posted to Papua New Guinea. Colloquially known as ‘Chalkies’, their task was to raise the educational level ...
    • Have Australia's tourism strategies incorporated climate change? 

      Moyle, Char-lee; Moyle, Brent; Chai, Andreas; Hales, Robert; Banhalmi-Zakar, Zsuzsa; Bec, Ali (Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 2017)
      Tourism is widely acknowledged as a key contributor to climate change, but it remains unclear how the tourism industry has been planning for climate change in practice. This paper conducts the most comprehensive critical ...
    • Look at me Saving the Planet! The Imitation of Visible Green Behavior and its Impact on the Climate Value-Action Gap 

      Babutsidze, Zakaria; Chai, Andreas (Ecological Economics, 2018)
      Examining the regional distribution of 15 different Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Practices (MPs) across Australia, we study the tendency for consumers to imitate visible pro-environmental behavior in their local region. While ...
    • Tackling Keynes' question: a look back on 15 years of Learning To Consume 

      Chai, Andreas (Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 2016)
      Two centuries of continuous economic growth since the industrial revolution have fundamentally transformed consumer lifestyles. Here Keynes raised an important question: will consumption always continue to expand in the ...
    • George Dyungayan's Bulu Line: A West Kimberley Song Cycle 

      Cooke, Stuart (2014)
      George Dyuŋgayan was a powerful Nyigina lawman from the Roebuck Plains (east of Broome). Over the course of a life spanning much of the twentieth century, the spirit of his late father visited him in dreams and gave him ...