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    • End-of-life care in emergency departments: A national cross-sectional survey of emergency care nurses 

      Aquino, Jose; Crilly, Julia; Ranse, Kristen (Australasian Emergency Care, 2021)
      Background: An ageing population and increasing chronicity of illness will likely contribute to increasing presentations to the emergency department (ED) by patients at the end-of-life (EOL). This study aimed to identify ...
    • Mortality from oral and oropharyngeal cancer: age-period-cohort effect, Brazil, 1983-2017. 

      Perea, Lillia Magali Estrada; Antunes, José Leopoldo Ferreira; Peres, Marco Aurelio (Revista de Saúde Pública, 2021)
      OBJECTIVE: Estimate the effect of age, period, and birth cohort on mortality from oral and oropharyngeal cancer in Brazil and its macro-regions. METHODS: Deaths from oral and oropharyngeal cancer from 1983 to 2017 were ...
    • Development and validation of the professional sense of competence scale (ProSOCS) for practitioners who treat disruptive behaviours in children 

      Swan, K; Shanley, DC; Zimmer-Gembeck, MJ (Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning, 2021)
      Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to develop a measure of practitioner sense of competence when treating children with disruptive behaviours. Design/methodology/approach: Two online surveys were conducted with health, ...
    • A Computational Comparative Study for the Spectroscopic Evaluation of Triazine Derivative Dyes in Implicit Solvation Model Systems Using Semi-Empirical and Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Approaches 

      Akpe, Victor; Biddle, Timothy J; Madu, Christian; Brown, Christopher L; Kim, Tak H; Cock, Ian E (Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2021)
      The spectroscopic data for a range of cyclopenta-[d][1,2,3]-triazine derivative dyes have been evaluated using various standard computational approaches. Absorption data of these dyes were obtained using the ZINDO/S ...
    • Ageless play: Sustaining intergenerational playgroup programmes 

      Stanley, Maree; Allen, Penny; Tunks, Terry-Ann; Davenport, Melinda; Cartmel, Jennifer (Journal of Early Childhood Research, 2021)
      Intergenerational playgroups purposively bring older people, young children and their caregivers together to engage in play and develop reciprocal relationships. Intergenerational research focuses on the benefits for ...
    • Long-Term Functional Outcomes After Sepsis for Adult and Pediatric Critical Care Patients—Protocol for a Systematic Review 

      Simpson, A; Long, D; Fleischmann-Struzek, C; Minogue, J; Venkatesh, B; Hammond, NE; Tian, DH; Schlapbach, LJ (Frontiers in Pediatrics, 2021)
      Objective: Sepsis is responsible for a massive burden of disease, with a global estimate of 48.9 million cases resulting in approximately 11 million deaths annually. Survivors of sepsis may also experience long-term ...
    • Finite element analysis of the performance of additively manufactured scaffolds for scapholunate ligament reconstruction. 

      Perevoshchikova, Nataliya; Moerman, Kevin M; Akhbari, Bardiya; Bindra, Randy; Maharaj, Jayishni N; Lloyd, David G; Gomez Cerezo, Maria; Carr, Amelia; Vaquette, Cedryck; Saxby, David J (PLoS One, 2021)
      Rupture of the scapholunate interosseous ligament can cause the dissociation of scaphoid and lunate bones, resulting in impaired wrist function. Current treatments (e.g., tendon-based surgical reconstruction, screw-based ...
    • Understanding the Retirement Savings of Self-Employed Tradespeople in Australia 

      Elkhishin, Aaron; West, Tracey; MacDonald, Kirsten (Australian Journal of Labour Economics, 2019)
      Over the last decade, the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner (ABCC) together with the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia (ASFA) have raised concerns over the exclusion of self-employed tradespeople ...
    • Social Media, Political Change, and Human Rights 

      Joseph, Sarah (Boston College International and Comparative Law Review, 2012)
      In this Essay, the role of social media in progressive political change is examined in the context of the Arab Spring uprisings. The concept of social media is explained, and Clay Shirky’s arguments for and Malcolm Gladwell’s ...
    • ‘Competitors in the surf-riding contest’: battle as theme in the first three surf novels 

      Sandtner, Jake; Krauth, Nigel (TEXT, 2021)
      In surf fiction it is common for wave-riders to be tested. The test of self – battling against nature, against others, and against one’s own capabilities – is a popularthematic pathway for discovery, growth and freedom, ...
    • Early surf fiction and the white worldview 

      Krauth, Nigel; Sandtner, Jake (TEXT, 2021)
      This paper examines the first 90 years (from 1849 to 1940) in the development of surf fiction. It focuses on how, at the genre’s beginnings, the view taken of surfing was shaped by the colonial worldview, with its attendant ...
    • Low-energy elastic electron scattering from helium atoms 

      McEachran, RP; Hamilton, KR; Bartschat, K (Atoms, 2021)
      We reinvestigate a key process in electron-atom collision physics, the elastic scattering of electrons from helium atoms. Specifically, results from a special-purpose relativistic polarized-orbital method, which is designed ...
    • Magnetic dichroism in few-photon ionization of polarized atoms 

      Acharya, BP; Dodson, M; Dubey, S; Romans, KL; De Silva, AHNC; Foster, K; Russ, O; Bartschat, K; Douguet, N; Fischer, D (Physical Review A, 2021)
      We consider few-photon ionization of atomic lithium by linearly polarized femtosecond laser pulses and demonstrate that asymmetries of the electron angular distribution can occur for initially polarized (2p, m=+1) target ...
    • Lessons from 2020: practical and clinical aspects of rapid telepsychology adoption in clinical psychology postgraduate programs 

      Penney, Erika; Reynolds, Julia; Knott, Vikki; Green, Heather (Australian Psychologist, 2021)
      From March 2020, clinical psychology postgraduate programmes began rapidly adopting telepsychology within their training clinics to support public health and reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, implementing this rapidly, ...
    • A prototype home-based environmental monitoring system 

      Cook, M; Myers, T; Trevathan, J (International Journal of Smart Home, 2013)
      An important step towards reducing humankind's reliance on unsustainable energy is by improving energy efficiency in a home or building. One solution to energy-intensive homes is to take environmental measurements in-house ...
    • Limitations and Management of Static-Guided Endodontics Failure 

      Fonseca Tavares, Warley Luciano; de Oliveira Murta Pedrosa, Natália; Moreira, Raphael Alves; Braga, Tiago; de Carvalho Machado, Vinícius; Ribeiro Sobrinho, Antônio Paulino; Amaral, Rodrigo Rodrigues (Journal of Endodontics, 2021)
      Endodontic treatment in severely calcified canals is always a challenging task because it can result in accidents such as deviations or perforations. Recently, guided endodontics has become an alternative approach for pulp ...
    • Fusion of Hyperspectral and Multispectral Images Accounting for Localized Inter-image Changes 

      Fu, X; Jia, S; Xu, M; Zhou, J; Li, Q (IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2021)
      The high spectral resolution of hyperspectral images (HSIs) generally comes at the expense of low spatial resolution, which hinders the application of HSIs. Fusing an HSI and a multispectral image (MSI) from different ...
    • Advancing transdisciplinary adaptation research practice 

      Serrao-Neumann, Silvia; Moreira, Fabiano de Araujo; Dalla Fontana, Michele; Torres, Roger Rodrigues; Lapola, David Montenegro; Nunes, Luci Hidalgo; Marengo, Jose Antonio; Di Giulio, Gabriela Marques (Nature Climate Change, 2021)
      As we face an unprecedented planetary crisis1, we must urgently scale up our capacity to adapt to climate change impacts (Fig. 1). Any attempt to address the climate emergency requires well-coordinated collaboration between ...
    • A Stretchable Kirigami-Inspired Self-Powered Electroactive Sensor for Tensile Strain and Torsion Sensing 

      Lee, JH; Chee, PS; Lim, EH; Low, JH; Nguyen, NT (Advanced Engineering Materials, 2021)
      Electroactive polymer has a great potential to be employed for making a self-powered sensor due to the ionic movement of the mobile cation that exists in the polymer structure itself. However, applying an electroactive-based ...
    • Cancer survival prognosis with Deep Bayesian Perturbation Cox Network 

      Zhang, Z; Chai, H; Wang, Y; Pan, Z; Yang, Y (Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2021)
      Background: The Cox proportional hazards model with neural networks is widely used to accurately predict survival outcome for choosing cancer treatment strategies. Although this method has shown outstanding performance in ...