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    • “My Leg is a Giant Stiletto Heel”: Fashioning the prosthetised body 

      Burton, Laini; Melkumova-Reynolds, Jana (Fashion Theory: A Reader, 2020)
      Previously one of the most marginalized physiques, the disabled body has been gaining unprecedented visibility in popular culture in the twenty-first century. This phenomenon has risen from a range of circumstances. ...
    • Teaching Mathematics in Primary Schools: Principles for effective practice 

      Jorgensen, R; Dole, S; Larkin, K (2020)
      'This is an outstanding book: it should be high on the list of any primary school teacher's set of references and a required text for pre-service teachers.' Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom In our technology-rich ...
    • Introduction 

      King, P; Newstead, S (Further Perspectives on Researching Play from a Playwork Perspective, 2020)
      This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book focuses on research by those with hands-on playwork experience and offers some insights and provocations ...
    • Conclusion 

      King, P; Newstead, S (Further Perspectives on Researching Play from a Playwork Perspective, 2020)
      The importance of a rights-based approach and critical reflection in research has been considered in respect of outcomes for educational services, fieldwork in Bangladesh, children’s special mobility and citizenship education ...
    • Further perspectives on researching play from a playwork perspective: Process, playfulness, rights-based and critical reflection 

      King, P; Newstead, S (2020)
      Building on the success of the first volume of Researching Play from a Playwork Perspective, this book further develops the crucial research of playwork as an emerging and unique discipline. The first volume explored how ...
    • Systematic analysis to identify transcriptome-wide dysregulation of Alzheimer’s disease in genes and isoforms 

      Fan, C; Chen, K; Zhou, J; Wong, PP; He, D; Huang, Y; Wang, X; Ling, T; Yang, Y; Zhao, H (Human Genetics, 2020)
      Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is one of the most common neurodegeneration diseases caused by multiple factors. The mechanistic insight of AD remains limited. To disclose molecular mechanisms of AD, many studies have been proposed ...
    • Fracture aquifers identification in the Zou basin (West Africa) using Remote Sensing and GIS 

      Oussou, Francis; Yalo, Nicaise; Ndehedehe, Christopher; Oloukoi, Joseph; Alassane, Abdoukarim; Boukari, Moussa; Gbèwézouna, Vinel GH (Geocarto International, 2020)
      The riparian communities of the Zou basin of West Africa rely heavily on drinking water supplied by fractured aquifer systems. This study aims to provide accurate fracture maps and derived products (fracture density, ...
    • Festival and event tourism impacts 

      Gursoy, D; Nunkoo, R; Yolal, M (2020)
      Festival and Event Tourism Impacts provides a comprehensive review and analysis of the multi-faceted impacts that festival and events have on a host community, whether positive or negative, and offers recommendations for ...
    • Seagrass Restoration Is Possible: Insights and Lessons From Australia and New Zealand 

      Tan, YM; Dalby, O; Kendrick, GA; Statton, J; Sinclair, EA; Fraser, MW; Macreadie, PI; Gillies, CL; Coleman, RA; Waycott, M; van Dijk, KJ; Vergés, A; Ross, JD; Connolly, RM; et al. (Frontiers in Marine Science, 2020)
      © Copyright © 2020 Tan, Dalby, Kendrick, Statton, Sinclair, Fraser, Macreadie, Gillies, Coleman, Waycott, van Dijk, Vergés, Ross, Connolly, McLeod, et al.. Seagrasses are important marine ecosystems situated throughout the ...
    • Novel Feature Selection and Voting Classifier Algorithms for COVID-19 Classification in CT Images 

      El-kenawy, El-Sayed M; Ibrahim, Abdelhameed; Mirjalili, Seyedali; Eid, Marwa Metwally; Hussein, Sherif E (IEEE Access, 2020)
      Diagnosis is a critical preventive step in Coronavirus research which has similar manifestations with other types of pneumonia. CT scans and X-rays play an important role in that direction. However, processing chest CT ...
    • A Binary Equilibrium Optimization Algorithm for 0–1 Knapsack Problems 

      Abdel-Basset, M; Mohamed, R; Mirjalili, S (Computers and Industrial Engineering, 2020)
      In this paper, a binary version of equilibrium optimization (BEO) is proposed for the tackling 0–1 knapsack problem characterized as a discrete problem. Because the standard equilibrium optimizer (EO) has been proposed for ...
    • The Realities and Futures of Work 

      Peetz, David (2019)
      What do we know about the current realities of work and its likely futures? What choices must we make and how will they affect those futures? Many books about the future of work start by talking about the latest technology, ...
    • Marine Predators Algorithm: A nature-inspired metaheuristic 

      Faramarzi, Afshin; Heidarinejad, Mohammad; Mirjalili, Seyedali; Gandomi, Amir H (Expert Systems with Applications, 2020)
      This paper presents a nature-inspired metaheuristic called Marine Predators Algorithm (MPA) and its application in engineering. The main inspiration of MPA is the widespread foraging strategy namely Lévy and Brownian ...
    • It's in the bag: mobile containers in human evolution and child development 

      Suddendorf, Thomas; Kirkland, Kelly; Bulley, Adam; Redshaw, Jonathan; Langley, Michelle C (Evolutionary Human Sciences, 2020)
      Mobile containers are a keystone human innovation. Ethnographic data indicate that all human groups use containers such as bags, quivers and baskets, ensuring that individuals have important resources at the ready and are ...
    • Risk perception study in tourism: Are we really measuring perceived risk? 

      Yang, Chiao Ling; Nair, Vikneswaran (Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2014)
      Research on tourist's risk perception is emerging since the beginning of last decade, marked by the 9/11 attack. In view of the cleavage and dearth of risk perception theories, scholars begin to question the validity or ...
    • Exploring the challenges for women working in the event and festival sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

      Almathami, Rafiah; Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn; Yang, Elaine Chiao Ling (Tourism Recreation Research, 2020)
      In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the participation of women in many activities, including employment, is severely restricted and their continued exclusion from public life is a significant issue as KSA looks to improve ...
    • Gender issues in tourism organisations: insights from a two-phased pragmatic systematic literature review 

      Je, Jess Sanggyeong; Khoo, Catheryn; Yang, Elaine Chiao Ling (Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 2020)
      Previous research has underlined gendered labour issues and provided recommendations for organisations to advance gender equality within the tourism and hospitality sector. Yet, little is known about how academic research ...
    • What motivates and hinders people from travelling alone? A study of solo and non-solo travellers 

      Yang, ECL (Current Issues in Tourism, 2020)
      Contemporary lifestyles and social changes have precipitated the popularity of solo travel. Despite the growing prominence of the solo travel market, it remains an under researched area. This study explores the definitions, ...
    • Avoiding the accountability ‘sham-ritual’: An agonistic approach to beneficiaries’ participation in evaluation within nonprofit organisations 

      Kingston, KL; Furneaux, C; de Zwaan, L; Alderman, L (Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 2020)
      The research presented within this paper case studies two nonprofit organisations in order to gain the perspectives of beneficiaries, staff, and board members on the participation of beneficiaries in evaluating the ...
    • Examining the association between media multitasking, and performance on working memory and inhibition tasks 

      Murphy, K; Creux, O (Computers in Human Behavior, 2021)
      Media multitasking has been investigated for its links to executive functions (EFs). Research in the area has produced mixed outcomes which may in part be due to an extreme groups approach to data analysis. This study ...