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    • Commonwealth of Australia July to December 2020 

      Wanna, John (Australian Journal of Politics and History, 2021)
      Australia endured the so-called “second wave” of COVID-19 in the latter half of 2020, but nationally experienced significantly different impacts and policy responses. Victoria by far suffered the worst outbreak of the ...
    • Indonesia’s Climate-Related Disasters and Health Adaptation Policy in the Build-Up to COP26 and Beyond 

      Oktari, Rina Suryani; Dwirahmadi, Febi; Gan, Connie Cai Ru; Darundiyah, Kristin; Nugroho, Pratomo Cahyo; Wibowo, Arif; Chu, Cordia (Sustainability, 2022)
      In recent years, Indonesia has experienced rapid increases in severe climate-related disasters have dramatically impacted populations unevenly; the poor and the vulnerable populations are most affected, and adaptive measures ...
    • Mephistophelean irony in Carl Schmitt’s Political Romanticism, The Buribunks and Ex Captivitate Salus 

      Manderson, Desmond; Bikundo, Edwin (Carl Schmitt and The Buribunks: Technology, Law, Literature, 2022)
      In the last years of his life, Max Weber warned of an impending spiritual and intellectual crisis. An ‘iron cage’ of bureaucratic machinery was encasing Europe.1 Not summer’s bloom lies before us, he prophesied in lectures ...
    • Schmitt’s life within the academy since 2001 

      Robb, Lachlan; Lawson, Charles; Pickering, Catherine; Bikundo, Edwin (Carl Schmitt and The Buribunks: Technology, Law, Literature, 2022)
      Carl Schmitt (1888–1985) was one of the twentieth century’s most controversial political theorists and jurists. While his writings remain entangled with his Nazi associations, recent attention has moved to a broader ...
    • Carl Schmitt and The Buribunks: Technology, Law, Literature 

      Group, Taylor Francis (2022)
      In 1918 a young Carl Schmitt published a short satirical fiction The Buribunks. He imagined a future society of beings who consistently wrote and disseminated their personal diaries. Schmitt would go on to become the ...
    • A Glossary for Doing Postqualitative, New Materialist and Critical Posthumanist Research Across Disciplines 

      Murris, Karin; Taylor, Carol; Kuby, Candace; Bozalek, Vivienne; Fullagar, Simone; Malone, Karen; Zhao, Weili (2021)
      A Glossary for Doing Postqualitative, New Materialist and Critical Posthumanist Research Across Disciplines gives novices and experienced researchers clear and comprehensible introductions to theories, paradigm shifts and ...
    • Toward Climate-Smart Hospitals Taiwanese Experience 

      Gan, Connie Cai Ru; Song, Hong-Fang (Clinical Health Promotion, 2019)
      Hospital must become "climate-smart" in the era of extreme climate patterns because they generate massive and harmful environmental footprints that worsen climate change; and they need to avoid interrupted health services ...
    • Towards Selective and Compact Query Abduction for Existential Rules 

      Wang, Zhe; Xiao, Peng; Wang, Kewen (37th International Conference on Logic Programming (Technical Communications), 2021)
    • The reliability of self-report assessments of the australian treatment outcome profile and world health organization's alcohol, smoking, and substance involvement screening test compared with standard interviews in residential treatment for substance use disorders 

      Theroux, Bronwyn; Carlyle, Molly; Walter, Zoe C; Hides, Leanne (APSAD 2021 Conference, 2021)
      Introduction and Aims: Alcohol and other drug treatment services require cost-effective, time-efficient assessments. Two widely used assessments are the Australian Treatment Outcome Profile (ATOP), and the World Health ...
    • Understanding sleep problems in children with prenatal alcohol exposure: implications for a clinical trial 

      Chandler-Mather, Ned; Shelton, Doug; Till, Haydn; Donovan, Caroline; Hatzis, Denise; Dawe, Sharon (APSAD 2021 Conference, 2021)
      Introduction: There is growing recognition that a significant number of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) experience marked difficulties with regulating their sleep, in part due to abnormal circadian ...
    • Mapping Jazz's Affect: Implications for Theory and Analysis 

      Stover, Christopher (Artistic Research in Jazz: Positions, Theories, Methods, 2021)
      Theory is often said to follow practice. This chapter challenges this truism, by proposing that theory and practice are intricately interwoven into one another, in what Deleuze and Guattari would call a differential relation: ...
    • Accuracy of 3-Dimensionally Printed Full-Arch Dental Models: A Systematic Review 

      Etemad-Shahidi, Yasaman; Baneen Qallandar, Omel; Evenden, Jessica; Alifui-Segbaya, Frank; Ahmed, Khaled (Digital Workflows and Material Sciences in Dental Medicine, 2021)
      The use of additive manufacturing in dentistry has exponentially increased with dental model construction being the most common use of the technology. Henceforth, identifying the accuracy of additively manufactured dental ...
    • The Practice of Resilience Building in Urban and Regional Communities 

      Kalantidou, Eleni; Hay, Naomi (Palgrave Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Futures, 2020)
      Resilience building goes beyond the traditional notion of bouncing back, despite being perceived as a mechanism of recovery. It responds to vulnerability caused by structural injustices, economies of growth and political ...
    • Fundamentals of Logic and Computation 

      Hou, Zhe (2021)
      Although the fields of logic and computation are intrinsically related, most courses treat the two topics separately. This unique textbook aims to compress and unify important concepts of logical reasoning and computational ...
    • Alcohol, Abstinence and Binge Sobriety 

      Robert, Julie (2022)
      Where did Temporary Sobriety Initiatives (TSIs) such as Dry January, FebFast and Ocsober, come from? And what is their role, if any, in prompting people to revisit their relationship with alcohol? These organized campaigns ...
    • Curative Illnesses: Medico-National Allegory in Québécois Fiction 

      Robert, Julie (2016)
      During a time of uncertainty over collective identity and social transformation, Quebec novels started getting sick - after 1940, the number of narratives about illness, disease, and sick characters intensified. For the ...
    • Improvisation in the in-between: jazz, affect and artistic research 

      Stover, Christopher (Música Criativa: Performance, Improvisação e Inovação, 2021)
      This essay engages Baruch Spinoza's ideas about bodies, relations and movement to theorize how interaction functions in jazz. In doing so, it offers a series of speculative, productive interventions in the 'transdiscipline' ...
    • Analysis, Improvisation, and Openness 

      Stover, Christopher (Improvisation and Music Education: Beyond the Classroom, 2016)
      This chapter chronicles how teaching in the particular environment of New England Conservatory (NEC) came to shape the author's thinking about music, music education, and the model of the professional musician. The ...
    • Tissue Doppler, Myocardial Work: Physics and Techniques 

      Chan, Jonathan; Scalia, Gregory; Edwards, Natalie; Chan, Jonathan (ASE's Comprehensive Echocardiography, 2021)
      Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
    • Rancière's affective impropriety 

      Stover, Christopher (Rancière and Music, 2020)
      The foundation of politics . . . is the lack of foundation, the sheer contingency of any social order. Politics exists simply because no social order is based on nature, no divine law regulates human society.