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    • Didi-Huberman and the Image 

      Larsson, Chari (2020)
      Philosopher and art historian Georges Didi-Huberman is one of the most innovative and influential critical thinkers writing today. This book is the first English-language study of his writing on images.
    • ACL injuries in children prevention and management 

      Grayson, J; Vertullo, C (Medicine Today, 2019)
      In Australia, there has been an annual growth rate in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture of 8.8% in girls and 7.7% in boys between 5 and 14 years of age, and an overall increase of more than 70% across males and ...
    • Strategies to increase vaccination rates in older people 

      Woodward, M; Litt, JCB; Van Buynder, P (Medicine Today, 2019)
      Coverage levels for recommended vaccines in older adults fall well below those in children. An important driver of vaccination is a recommendation from the person’s GP. Tips for talking about vaccines and addressing patient ...
    • Harmonious Relations: A Framework for Studying Varieties of Peace in Music-Based Peacebuilding 

      Howell, G (Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, 2020)
      This article presents an analytical framework for systematically studying the relationships portrayed within music-based peacebuilding and their respective representations of peace. Music activities with peacebuilding ...
    • The inflammatory myopathies 

      De Jager, JP (Medicine Today, 2013)
      The inflammatory myopathies are a group of rare conditions that usually present in general practice as a patient with muscle weakness and/or an elevated serum creatine kinase (CK) level. Possible extramuscular manifestations ...
    • Vaccinations for people aged 65 years and over 

      Litt, JCB; Van Buynder, P; Woodward, M (Medicine Today, 2019)
      This handout provides information on the importance of vaccination for people aged 65 years and over and the specific vaccinations that are recommended for this age group.
    • Etnoarqueología y arte rupestre en el siglo XXI: de la analogía directa a la redefinición del método arqueológico 

      Domingo Sanz, Ines; May, Sally K; Smith, Claire (Redescubriendo el arte parietal paleolítico. Últimas novedades sobre los métodos y las técnicas de investigación, 2018)
      El recurso a la información etnográfica en los estudios de arte rupestre no es una novedad. Las primeras referencias datan ya de finales del siglo XIX, con las teorías totémicas del arte rupestre Paleolítico europeo. Desde ...
    • Leadership within action research: Surfacing the collective nature of leadership 

      Piggot-Irvine, Eileen; Ferkins, Lesley; Rowe, Wendy (Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 2020)
      This article shares specific leadership findings from the evaluative study of action research AR (ESAR). Few studies have examined the leadership dynamic within action research (AR), and fewer still across multiple projects. ...
    • Keeping it clean: exploring discourses of development on Indian community radio 

      Backhaus, Bridget (Third World Quarterly, 2020)
      Community radio in India operates within a clear framework of development. This calls into question the fundamental purpose of community radio: communication rights, activism, voice, community participation or development? ...
    • Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management 

      Wilkinson, Adrian; Johnstone, Stewart (2016)
      The Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management is an authoritative and comprehensive reference resource with over 400 entries on core HR areas and key concepts. From age discrimination, to zero hours contracts, each entry ...
    • Comparative capitalism and the transitional periphery: Firm centred perspectives 

      Demirbag, M; Wood, G (2018)
      With a growing body of literature dealing with business and management issues in the transitional economies of Central and Eastern Europe, the study of the ‘transitional periphery’, or post-Soviet economies, is sparse. A ...
    • Situating line managers towards the centre of employee voice research 

      Townsend, Keith; Mowbray, Paula (Handbook of Research on Employee Voice, 2020)
      The notion of employee voice has been well established in the earlier chapters of this volume. In this chapter, the authors explore the important role of line managers in facilitating and managing employee voice. Despite ...
    • US leadership and Asia's liberal order: Current and future challenges for regional allies and partners 

      Heazle, M; O'Neil, A (China's Rise and Australia-Japan-US Relations: Primacy and Leadership in East Asia, 2018)
      US primacy has provided not only the political foundation of America’s many long-standing relationships in the region, but also the foundation of the regional order’s most fundamental norms and aspirations, in addition to ...
    • A question of primacy? Japan, Australia and the future of the United States in Asia 

      Heazle, M; O'Neil, A (China's Rise and Australia-Japan-US Relations: Primacy and Leadership in East Asia, 2018)
      Since 1945 the American strategic presence in Asia has been central to the region’s geopolitical evolution. For most of the post-war period, this has been based on military pre-eminence and unrivalled economic influence ...
    • China's rise and Australia-Japan-US relations: Primacy and leadership in East Asia 

      Heazle, M; O'Neil, A (2018)
      One of the most pressing policy challenges for Australia and Japan today is ensuring that China’s rise does not threaten the stability of the Asia-Pacific, while also avoiding triggering conflict with their largest trading ...
    • The Future of Work and Employment 

      Wilkinson, Adrian; Barry, Michael (2020)
      This cutting-edge book charts the latest ideas and concepts in employment relations research. Mapping out the intellectual boundaries of the field, The Future of Work and Employment outlines the key research and policy ...
    • Chatter detection for milling using novelp-leader multifractal features 

      Chen, Yun; Li, Huaizhong; Hou, Liang; Bu, Xiangjian; Ye, Shaogan; Chen, Ding (Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 2020)
      Chatter in machining results in poor workpiece surface quality and short tool life. An accurate and reliable chatter detection method is needed before its complete development. This paper applies a novel p-leader multifractal ...
    • The echo of communal space: more-than-representational tourist encounters in hostel accommodation 

      Barry, Kaya (Sounding Places, 2019)
      Listening involves an embodied sensitivity to the environment we are with/in. We might not register it as sound, but rather as movement, as vibration, or an echo of the relations that draw us into the collective atmosphere ...
    • Students professional digital identities 

      Lupton, Amanda; Oddone, Kay; Dreamson, Neal (Higher Education and the Future of Graduate Employability A Connectedness Learning Approach, 2019)
      In higher education courses that are aimed at preparing students to be professionals in specific fields, developing a professional digital identity is an important employability concern. A professional digital identity ...
    • Rumour detection in social media 

      Nguyen, Quoc Viet Hung; Stantic, Bela (Big Data Promise, Application and Pitfalls, 2019)
      Our society is struggling with a large number of derogatory rumours that threaten economies, democracy and cybersecurity. A major source of rumours comes from social platforms due to their lack of information authentication. ...